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Do we know how to play the game about our life?
Interview to Moises Martinez Berrio, creator of Biopolis, in the program "Catalunya pm" of La Xarxa.
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Do we waste or do we enjoy our free time?
Moises Martinez, coach and creator of Biopolis participates in the program "The Tribe" of Catalunya Radio, directed by Tatiana Sisquella, analyzing the importance of managing free time.
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The game of life
Companies such as Ikea, Decathlon and Abertis buy Biopolis for their staff.

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“From Biopolis I would highlight how you are hooked from the first play. A fun and natural journey inward, creating and enjoying a quiet atmosphere, of a surprising complicity. A real transformation to personal and collective leadership that does not leave you indifferent” Benet Andújar
Biopolis Certified Trainer

“The Biopolis Methodology is a tool with many options... I used it for the first time during the closing ceremony of a leadership course I taught in the Almería City Council. The students had a great time and the game was so revealing that they were delighted. Thanks to that session, they were aware of some fears and attitudes in life that they decided to improve. I believe this fun tool has many possibilities in groups, couples and any system. As an expert in Emotional Intelligence, I will use this game a lot, as it facilitates being aware of emotions and values. Thank you.” Carmen Gijón
Coach and Trainer
. Intercoaching Director, leader company in Almería in Business, Personal and Executive Coaching

“Biopolis seems to be a very interesting tool that allows you to "put into play" the lack of inhibition, creativity, self-knowledge, knowledge of the others, the fun and development, orchestrated by a methodology that brilliantly implements an original idea.” Juan Carlos Oliver
Coach and Facilitator
of leadership programs in Operating Coaching

“Biopolis is not only a fun game or a tool for learning. Above all, it is a great way to start, without laziness, without prejudice, without patterns, the always unresolved matter of personal knowledge.” Manuel Martínez García
BA in Law and Master in Psychology of Organizations
Coaching, Skills Development and Team Management (Endalia / Esade BS).
Collaborator at and
Professional Coach and Organization Development expert.

“The experience with the Biopolis Coaching Game workshop was wonderful. The level of energy that is produced is tremendous. It involves a rewarding experience, very enjoyable, which makes you reflect deeply on the essential aspects of the everyday life. The session was fun, agile and profitable, for the cards themselves are your coach with their powerful laser phrases. And there you are, without excuses, thinking what and how you’re going to do it, but not tomorrow or the day after… it has to be now, as the time for action is immediate! It is a fantastic tool for personal and professional development, as well as for the cohesion of teams at work. ¡Congratulations Moi!” Isabel Martinez
DpTalentia Director

Systemic Thinking Specialist, School of Bert Hellinger and Angelica Olvera.

Interview with Moisés Martínez Berrio, Socio-director at Coachingames and author of Biopolis – Ràdio Sabadell, Ràdio Mataró and Ràdio Badalona.
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The game of your life
Coachingames is born with Biopolis, a board game addressed to business people and families, and based on interpersonal relationships and leadership.
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